About me


Born and raised in Paris, France, I studied film theory and aesthetics at La Sorbonne Université, before working in advertising film production and marketing agencies first in Los Angeles, and then in New York.

With 10+ years of experience in content production, ideation, and digital content strategy in the US and Europe, I have a proven track record of success in digital storytelling B2B and B2C. As an out-of-the-box thinker, I apply an agile, digital-minded approach to each project, while tapping into my passion for storytelling. 

I have written agency pitches, concepts, film, and branded content scripts, SEO blog content, and social posts. Ive produced many video-branded content campaigns, successfully driving brand awareness and conversion for many startups and Fortune 500 companies. I am currently part of monday.com‘s brand awareness group, as their very first senior creative producer.

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Awards and Selections

Advertising and Content

  • Hermosa Film Festival // best commercial award, Cuba Energy Drink
  • United Nations Maritime Safety Award (awarded to Maersk following HSSE video campaign).
  • ScreenCraft Comedy Quarter-finalist 2022 //  Passed Over (feature film)

Film and Photo

  • ScreenCraft Comedy 2022 quarter-finalist for Passed Over
  • Hollywood Screening Film Festival 2020 // Dixit (semi-finalist)
  • Kharkiv International Festival of Arts and Travel 2019 // Official Selection – photography Hunter’s Meeting
  • Lift-Off 2019 // Official Selection – Shine on Meadows
  • A Rebel Mind Festival 2019 // Official Selection – The Fountain of The Lovers 
  • Miami 4 Social Change Youth Film Festival // Semi-Finalist 2018 – Digital City
  • Cyprus International Film Festival // Semi-Finalist 2018 – Hunters’ Meeting
  • Los Angeles CineFest // Semi-Finalist 2018. The Fountain of The Lovers
  • Beijing Film Festival, China // official selection, 2008 Systolic, short film
  • Cannes Short Film Corner, France // Systolic, short film, 2008
  • Anchorage Film Festival, USA // official selection, 2007 A Bodyless Head’s Walk On The Stars, experimental short film 2007
  • Digifest, Florence, Italy // official selection A Bodyless Head’s Walk On The Stars, experimental short film, 2007​
  • NATPE NEXT GEN TV CompetitionA Bodyless Head’s Walk On The Stars, experimental short film 2007
  • 48H Film Fest, USA // Audience award, Family Business, 2006
  • L’Inconnu Festival, Paris, France // official selection, Birthday Cake, 2004
  • Prototype Video Film Festival, Paris, France // official selection, 2003 Birthday Cake


  • Taekwondo // gold medal at the 2018 New York Open Championships
  • 4th-degree black belt international certification (delivered by the Kukkiwon)
  • Founder/head instructor of non-profit Taekwondo school Itokwan TLV.